Tuesday, August 18, 2009

22 & 23

WoW! Can't believed I got through this. It was a difficult for me because we are such a small library, understaffed, and summer reading was upon us. But I made it and have to say it was well worth my time. However, I do wish I could have spent more time on the project. I do want to go back this fall through everything again and learn a bit more about each of these 23 Things and incorporate them into my daily life.
Most of the things I had heard of, but were unfamiliar with, others I had played with some, but not a pro. I plan on sharing my knowledge with the staff and try to implement some of these into our library. My favorite things was Flickr and learning how to make a blog!
I was least impressed with the social sites. I guess because I just don't have the time to invest in these. I have promised myself to choose at least one social site however and just get with it.
This granny is still not a savvy tech, but at least I have learned enough to carry on a conversation with a patron. I have learned so many new words and definitions and I thank everyone who planned this course! It truly was information I would not have learned otherwise.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

21. Podcasting

I enjoy watching podcasts, however my time is very limited and seems of late the only podcasts I make time for are the ones on the NTRLS website. They are very informative and I get to see what other libraries are involved in. I think there would be a great potential in doing your own library podcasts.

20. YouTube

I have really tried to understand what the fascination with YouTube is. I have set with my children and grandchildren and watched clips with them that they think are informative or funny...not my cup of tea. Maybe when I retire and have nothing better to do. Maybe?
I think YouTube has great potential, but there is so much there currently which is not appropriate for children to view. I have found some very interesting topics to view, but I have found more that are not.

19. Google Docs

I just couldn't get this site. It is sharing again, which is just not me. I can see it would be very useful to many and I think it is a very user friendly site, but I preferred not to post anything here. I will have to play with this site a bit more.

17. LibWorm

Oops forgot to write about my experience with Libworm. I really did like enjoy viewing and searching in this site, however I will probably stick with what I have been using in the paste, but I it is nice to know it is there, a great tool.

18. Wikis

I added a page and took some time before I understood in order to add sub pages you had to come up with names others had not used. I don't like to place personal things about myself on the Internet, guess that is due to not growing up in the computer age. My privacy is everything to me and it is difficult to get around that.

Friday, August 14, 2009

16. Library Thing

I have an account at Librarything and I think this site could be really fun, duh because I like books, but truth be told, I just don't use it that much. I cannot seem to find the time to use it as I would like.